A touch of French cuisine, with simple yet generous dishes to delight and satisfy

The idea for Café Bastille came from a shared love of breakfast, brunch, and many years living in Paris, France. Most people have chemistry, but what brought us together could only be called fate : we have the same passion for food and particularly brunch!

We met while working in the same hotel in Paris and we decided to join forces and bring our touch to Miami.

Everywhere we travel, we hunt for the best brunch each place has to offer. That's how we created the new Café Bastille! The original Café Bastille was created almost 10 years ago by a French and Spanish couple : Christian and Eloise.

Café Bastille needed a fresh touch and that's what we did!

People that know us, will tell you that we put our heart in everything that we do. Our only goal is to make our guests and our team feel at home, enjoy a delicious meal with an excellent service and the most importantly, have fun!
Café Bastille is a family and we want to welcome you!

bon appétit !

We are here

248 SE 1st St. Miami, FL 33131


Open for you

Monday to Friday 8am-4pm

Saturday & Sunday 8am-6pm

DJ every Saturday 1pm & Sunday 2pm 

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